The best color for a diamond is no color. Because it is the totally colorless diamond that acts as a prism, allowing light to pass effortlessly through the diamond and be transformed into rainbows of color. To give a woman the purest white diamond is to show your true colors as well.

The color grading scale goes from totally colorless to light yellow. The differences between one grade and another are very subtle, as can be seen by the number of grades within any one category.

GIA Grades

Traditional Terms

Descriptive Terms

D / E


Rarest White

F / G

Top Wesselton

Rare White







I / J

Top Crystal / Crystal

Slightly Tinted White

K / L

Top Cape

Tinted White

M / N


Slightly Yellowish

O / P / Q / R

Light Yellow


S - Z



Diamonds are graded on a color scale established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which ranges from D (colorless) to Z.

Color difference are very subtle and it is very difficulty to see the difference between,say, an E and an F. Therefore, colors are graded under controlled lighting conditions and are compared to a master set for accuracy.

Truly colorless stones (d) are extremely rare and consequently extremely valuable ,yet color ultimately comes down to personal taste. Ask a jeweler to show you a verity of color preference.

Nature has also created diamonds in intense shades of blue, green, yellow orange, pink or the rarest of them all red. These diamonds are called ‘colored Fancies’ and are extremely rare and highly treasured.


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